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  • Post: 816, No.99 Zhongshan Road, Nanjing, China 210005
  • Contact Person: Anna
  • Tel: +86-25-83719363
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  • Email: 101@energycochem.com

About Us


•The creator of ENERGYCO LTD. ( エナジコ 株式会社)has started the crossing-nations business, industrial manufacture partnership and international contracting since 1986. In 2011, we combined an independent organization of professional supplier, importer/exporter at Nanjing, Jiangsu. The company based on seven manufacturers of chemical plants, food additives plant and medical sanitation production plant in the Eastern China, linked with the channels from Japan, Korea and Germany and developed by the institutes’ technology.

ENERGYCO is an official sampling enterprise of China Advanced Index of Exporting.

 ENERGYCO LTD. is a directorship of China Int’l Coop. Association of SME and a membership of Sino-Germany organization.
Main supplies focus on Fine chemicals, Intermediates, Silane coupling agents and hazardous chemicals etc.
 Bank back: China Construction Bank (H.K.Security stock:00939) & Bank of China
 Corporate values: the highest priority customer service, the largest corporate profits and the longest care staff
 Management target responsibility system: Quality, Efficiency, Development and Health
 Vision: Efficient, customized to meet the market. Through our active members in place of each service, we enable our customers to respect and value. The enterprise develops healthily. The employees will share and care.
 Mission: Green happy life

 Regulation: INCOTERMS2000 (International Commercial Terms) and  UCP600 (ICC Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits)
 Capacity: Sourcing superiority is localized. For SME enterprise, our limit time can satisfy with limit customers on the world.
 We set up a confidential demand-supply channel relationship with our association members. With our international logistics and guarantee, we support the favorite clients and maximize their benefits.