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Phenolic/Amino Resin Agent    NJK-AG001

Phenolic/Amino Resin Agent
Promotion and introduction of “DT agent”
Product introduction
Hexamethylcy is principal component of “DT agent”.  
As phenolic molding plastics and amino model material spittle additive to model complex products play a quick demoulding role.
Defoaming function, increase product finish; Stir in mixed can stop produce electrostatic, stir well, excellent stability
This product contains no nitrite nano, chlorine, sulfur, phosphorus, alkali and other harmful substances, on human and animal without any damage, and no fire danger, belongs to the high environmental protection auxiliary material, is the international high-tech products.
Manufacturing phenolic molding plastics and amino molding compound additive.
Method of use
6 ‰ proportionadded directly into the stirred tank, investment in the former industrial water against adding mixed better. Using 1kg “DT agent” can be reduced using 2kg stearate, zinc stearate, and lubricants.
Indicator parameters
White liquidsolids content 30%
Specific Gravity
-PHValue 7-8
Ce Dot

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