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Calcium Gluconate    

Calcium Gluconate

CAS Number: 299-28-5     Formula: 2(C6H11O7).Ca H2O
Molecular Weight: 448.38    EINECS: 206-075-8
Melting Point: 195 °C     Boiling Point: 673.6 °C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point: 375.2 °C     Solubility: water: 3.3 g/100mL

Synonyms: calcium gluconate;calcicol;calciofon;calcipur;calcium d-gluconate;calcium glyconate;calcium hexagluconate;calglucol
Molecular Structure:

Appearance: white crystalline powder or granule
Properties: white crystalline or granular powder. Melting point 201℃ (decomposition). Soluble is in water (3g/100ml, 20℃). Soluble is in boiling water (20g/100ml). Water solution pH is about 6-7. Not soluble in ethanol and other organic solvents.
1) As a drug, can reduce the capillary permeability, increased density, to maintain normal nerve and muscle excitability, enhanced myocardial contractility, and with help of bone formation.
2) For allergic diseases, such as hives; eczema; pruritus; contact dermatitis, and serum sickness; angioedema as adjuvant therapy. Also applies to seizures caused by low calcium and magnesium poisoning. For the prevention and treatment of calcium deficiency disorders are.
3) As a food additive, used as a buffer; curing agent; chelating agent; nutritional supplements. According to Chinese Ministry of Health issued the "food fortifier health standards" (1993) provides for cereals and its products, beverages, the amount of 18-38 g/kg.
Specification: BP2000; USP24 FCC(IV); CP2000; GB15571-1995

Assay   %
Loss on drying  %
Reducing substances %
Sulfate   %
Chloride %
Arsenic (as As) %     
≤ 0.0002
Organic volatile impurities
meets the requirements

Package: 25kg/fiber drum or woven bag

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