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Diuron TC, WP, WDG

Herbicide: Diuron TC
ChemicaL name:3-(3,4-Dichlorophenyl)-1,1-dimethylurea
Molecular formula::C9H10Cl2N2O Molecular weight:233

Specifications: 97%, 95% TC; 25%, 50%, 80% WP; 80% SC ; 80% Granules.
Properties: white crystal, m.p.: 135℃ up, vapor tension: 4.13×10-4pa(50℃), easily soluble in hot alcohol; solubility in acetone at 27℃ is 5.3%, slightly soluble in ethanol and hot benzene, insoluble in water.
Use: Mainly used in the control of crab grass, green bristlegrass, sand-grass etc. with cotton, corn, soy bean, tea etc.
Toxicity: Rat per os LD50: 3400mg/kg.
Packing: 25kgs plastic woven bag.


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