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Oxalyl Chloride    

Oxalyl Chloride

CAS No.79-37-8
U.N. code: 1760, 2922
Structural formula: 

Physical & chemical properties:
Colorless or yellowish smoky liquid.
Melting point: -12°C.
Boiling point: 63-64°C.
White smoke appears when it comes into contact with damp and acute reaction occurs when it is exposed to water or alcohol.

Quality index: 
Colorless or yellowish liquid.
Net content: 99.0 percent rain(by gas chromatography)
Pcl3 content: 0.3 percent max
Pocl3 content: 0.7 percent max

It serves as raw material for synthesizing antibiotics for Pharmaceutical purposes and also serves as raw material for synthesizing highly-efficient herbicide and organic chloride in pesticide industry

Package: 250kg steel drum plastic lined


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